Arco PP Total Skin Rejuvenation (Plant Placenta) or Arco PP in short, is manufactured according to a proprietary process, using state of the art technology in a FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) registered and cGMP USA laboratory.

  • Support Healthy Matrix Metalloproteinases Activity that enhances the metabolic activity of skin cells and proteins thus effectively ridding wrinkles, sagging and lighten scar.
  • Whitening or toning effects on skin pigmentation, due to Glutathione (GSH) in Arco PP TSR.
  • Detoxify the Skin and Body, which giving you a healthier, beautiful and firm body.


10 x 4 ml Bottles (Live Plant Extract)


Bottle every 3 days


ARCO PPO is the supplement form of ARCO PP make convenient also to boost up efficacy when used together with ARCO PP. It is simply a liquid taken orally underneath the tongue making it very easy to use.

  • ARCO PPO is safe, with no known side effects.
  • PPO is not a steroid; it is a protein.
  • NO HORMONES in our PPO Oral formula. PPO is an Amino-Acid Complex with the following NON-HORMONAL ingredients.


20 x 2 ml Bottles (Live Plant Extract)


Bottle everyday

ARCO Nano Cell Filtrates

ARCO NANO Cell Filtrates represent organ-specific ultrafiltrates of low molecular weight as determined by the size of the pores in the filter used. In the production process, high-molecular-weight cell components are separated from low-molecular-weight cell components by means of multiple cryolysis, multi-stage filtration and the final ultrafiltration.

  • ARCO NANO Cell Therapeutic Filtrates are nutritional supplements taken orally.
  • ARCO NANO Cell Cosmeceutical Filtrates are to be applied to the intact skin with help of guaze


30 x 2.5 ml Bottles


Bottle everyday

Swissoats A3

SWISSOATS A3 is cold pressed from a special strain of Oat plant thus giving you a product that is higher in nutrients and quality than extracts pressed from common oat varieties.

  • Assisting Specific Male symptoms of:
    Relieve Andropause, Treatment of benign prostate, Protect Hair Loss
  • Assisting Specific Female symptoms of:
    Relieve Menopause, Relieve PMS with scanty menstruation and cramps, Post natal depression, Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)


30 capsules (Live Plant Extract)


capsule per day in the morning after meal

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